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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Weekend

Some weekends are just better than other I guess. I'll blame this one on myself for several reasons that I wont go into here. Saturday I had to work, with my only window to ride was early morn. I had planned on actually riding my MTB in prep for the race Sunday by rain washed out that ride.
Then the store was open six hours but I was there nine. Paperwork and the loading up of the team car to vend at the MTB race had me there a long time for a Sat. The lack of riding did not help and I was a little crabby. My STC brought me 17 hours of riding the week before. Last week was 2 but the heat had a little bit to do with that.
Retail is such an unpredictable business. We were slow all day Saturday. I almost left since I had help there who could close. Then, about 20 minutes to close all hell breaks loose and we sell a couple bikes and other stuff to make it a good day. I did stay open a bit longer to accommodate those wonderful people. I dont mind.
Packed up with no where to go.
Then do some paperwork (that I should have done when it was slow) and started loading up the car.

Then I headed home with the car packed to the gills with product to vend at the race. I even had the cross bikes along for all to touch. 
But as it turned out I could not go due to personal reasons and so Sunday morn  I took a little visit to the HP and drove back to the store and slowly unpacked the car that I spent over an hour packing a little more that 12 hours ago. It was a bummer. Thanks to the select few who offered to watch my stuff so I could have raced. Maybe next time.
After the car was pretty much emptied I did grab the Madone for a two and a half hour ride. Solo of course. I cant remember the last time I rode with another human. I could complain about that but I wont. Again thats just another product of my poor planning.
The next few days are going to be nice weather and I did bring my riding stuff today. So it looks good that I will get outside during the day today. Solo of course.
I gatta say that all this solo riding has brought me back to a bad habit. The iPod.
I now ride with music even thru the city. I, more than most understand what can happen. I guess I just choose to take my chances. And thats not very bright of me. I guess its do as I say, not as I do.
Maybe I just forgot how much getting hit by that car hurt.
I do tend to forget things.
Or maybe I just need someone to wack me in the head with a 2 by 4 to wake me up.
Feel free.


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