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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Right now all my thoughts are on my impending tour. Trying to figure out what to bring. How long am I going to be gone? Where am I going? I dont know. As I did in 2008 I am leaving with no cash. No food or cooking stuff (I suck at cooking anyway). Just a credit card in hand. Clothes and tent\sleeping stuff. Personal stuff. A five gallon pail of shammy cream.

The bike is done. I ditched the frame bag. I bought a really good sleeping bag last nite. Its only rated down to 50 degrees but really for me thats like 25 degrees.
It packs really small. I can fit my tent and sleeping bag in one rear pannier. Thats cool.
Im still looking for a pad. Not sure what I want. I want a big one for comfort but small for packing on the bike. Looked at a few yesterday but got sticker shock. Nothing like waiting till the last minute.  I was thinking of leaving early Friday but now it might be late Thursday. Thats tomorrow!
Im pretty sure the gear needed might cost more than the bike. For sure if you throw the cost of panniers in. But with the stuff Im buying Im getting the good stuff so I will not have to buy it again for a long time. So those issues are consuming me right now.
Im stressed and exited.


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