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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shakedown w\Happy Place

Today I ditched the MTB (trying to get some time in on it) for another shakedown on the Trucker. Im setting plans for a long weekend on it sometime in late August. Maybe 5 days. Tweeking the ride a bit but not much to do in that respect as the thing rides very comfortable right out of the box. Ordered panniers yesterday. Not the ones I really wanted but pretty good. Next is a high end backpacking tent, bag and pad. And Im off........

The other day I was cornered and questioned as to why I hit up my HP everyday (today twice by 11am)

Why would I waste all that gas to drive over there everyday. Thats just stupid and a waste of time. I get that all the time. If you ask why or question why then you just don't get it and most likely never will. We mock what we don't understand.
The morning drive is kinda like "me time". Always tunes cranked in the car and some good coffee. I go rain or shine. Weather has no effect on my visits. Its immaterial.
My HP is like a best friend that will never leave me.
Its a place that calms me.
Its a place that always looks forward to seeing me.
Its pretty much the only constant I have.
Im appreciative of this place. And will continue to use it.




  1. OK then you won't be needing our panniers! Mike and Heather.

  2. But thanks a ton for offering!