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Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Riding with Tactics

The weekend came and went pretty quick. On Saturday I jumped in the local group ride. This is the third time this summer. I used to do every one. 
It was a good group with respectable speeds. I hung in pretty good. Several rides have always questioned me as to why I always ride in the front. They say no wonder you get dropped cuz Im always near the front. Stay in back they say. Never pull. Stay fresh for later in the ride.
So I tried that. Rode absolutely in the back for a long while. Hated it!
Sprint, brake, sprint, brake.
Gaps form 3 riders up and nothing I can do about it. While the skinny guys (and gals) pretty much just ride and talk, I have to calculate and predict. Being a Clydesdale I have to absolutely make sure Im in position when approaching that hill. If Im in a bad spot in the group at the wrong time its game over pretty quick for me. I need to play my cards just right to stay in the game and margin for error is small. So... I need to play the game my way. Being a sprinter I have no problem on the flats. Downhills are my advantage. But when we run to the hills I need to make sure Im on a good wheel to survive. Thats why I cant just mellow out in back. I wish I could.
Anyway, I did fall back on a few hills but not so bad as I had several riders back to help (Thx guys!) but I did pull the plug just before we stopped for breakfast cuz Steve D turned back and since I hate leaving riders to ride home alone I turned too. It was a good 45 miles.

Sunday Steve D let me borrow his CoMotion tandem ( I sell em') and got out in the morn with my wife. When on a tandem you must make sure you get along real well with the other person. If not there is no where to go. That was not the case Sunday as we had a pleasant 20 miles. But I could see the potential for disaster. She did complain a bit as to why I was not talking. It was because we were going 20mph and I was pretty much in zone 5. Doing 85% of the work on a tandem is a great strength training tool I think. But it was fun and something I dont get to do a lot.

 Today Im in the store but waiting for the guys to get here, then Im out on the MTB till noon.


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