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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gloomy Ride

Still gloomy out. Still drizzle on and off since Sunday. Its amazing (it least to me) how lack of sun hits me like a two ton heavy thing. Im feeling a little poopy today.

Soon I will turn my frown upside down as I just put the Eastons cross wheels on the Cronus and I plan on going for a long one.

They are tubulars so I get a little nervous about getting a flat but I bring some Tufo sealant along. Its kinda like stans. You have to screw off the valve core (its got a little thinige for that) and its in a little bottle that you use to squirt it in tire. Then spin and inflate.

Today on my HP visit I noticed some trees now turning color. Its crazy how fast time passes. My Grandma used to say that when you get old days go slow and years go fast. I kinda feel that way now. Im old. But we are still on the front side of fall and its truly game on right now. Need to get out and do stuff. There's still a lot of bike riding to do. With a heavy emphasis on MTB. As soon as it drys out tho. So Im minutes away from the cross bike.......

And I just remembered I dont have any cold weather riding stuff here at the store. Bummer. All my warmers and vests are still home in my basement from spring. 
Hopefully washed before I store them. But no guarantee's on that.


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