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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cross Bikes Not Just For Racing.

Future home of the Sheboygan Company Classic.
You never know when one of the best rides of the summer hits. Yesterday I just jumped on the Cronus and rode 30 miles in and out of several city parks and even one State Park. (HP)
In the background of the pic above is the wide open spaces to be used in the first annual Sheboygan Bicycle Company Classic. Coming your way Oct 30th.
Bad karma.
After bombing around some city parks I did some singletrack at the local MTB course. Kinda a bit tougher to do with the Cronus as opposed to the Superfly.

I even visited the spot that I got pasted by a car last year. While the damn iPod was a factor, I still had it in my ears today but made sure I looked both ways when I hit the street.

All in all a great ride. 3+hours. 30 miles and various parks and points of interest visited. I made sure to do a few laps around every park I hit. Even a little bit of rain could not dampen my spirits. But I did notice I was not feeling as good as a few weeks ago on the bike. Its weird how fast you lose that feeling. With the Vegas week followed by my crappy week last week my bike riding was at a minimum the last two weeks but I did feel better the third hour today as opposed to the first. So as fast as the feeling leaves, it returns.

817am  Sun shining out there but not here.
Once again this morn its dark and rainy. I think the MTB ride tonite is in a bit of jeopardy due to the almost three days of rain. I know some people are riding it but I dont when its wet. Especially when our MTB race in is two weeks. Todays HP visit was a short one. Its been well over a week since I saw the otters and believe they have moved on to their winter spot, wherever that is. Bummer. I was hoping they would stay.
At least I did get one pic.

Since Im thinking of ditching the MTB ride I might just get another epic cross ride in.
Or both.


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