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Monday, September 19, 2011

Interbike\Crossvegas: Part one

I could write a book on this but will try to condense it down to just two medium sized posts. 
We left on Tuesday nite and after checking in at the airport, checking in at the car rental and checking in at the hotel we were about 6 hours into the trip. To my advantage it was unseasonably cool with highs only in the upper 70's. Nice. First stop on Wednesday was Interbike. This year I was there almost 5 hours before I had to bolt. We did several laps. But after bumping into people trying to get around there fort that time period I almost ran out of the place screaming. I thought I did pretty good at 5 hours tho... Dont get me wrong, there were some cool things to see. And I saw, so I left. End of bike show for me at about 3pm Wednesday.

Besides, I had to get back to our room to rest up for the real reason I come out here. Crossvegas is the biggest bike race I have every attended. As far as crowd numbers the only race to come close is maybe Downer Ave crit in Milwaukee. Close.
In the past they advertised about 10 thousand fans. This year it was closer to 12k. 

under the lights

Every year we get VIP passes from the director. It lets you into a area where its all the food and drink you can handle. And while the pro races were the main event, its the "regular" guy races that are fun to watch. 175 bike mass start on a cross course is a spectacle to see. With about half really trying and the other half not. Lots of goofing around. Lots of beer hand ups.

The pro race was as expected. The usual group of 7 or 8 took off. But the pro of the day was Danny Summerhill. He was right in the group, even pulling a few times when he got taken out or just fell on his own. Not sure cuz it was the other side of the course. Then, he proceeds to start goofing off. And that brings me to another phenomenon. People started throwing dollar bills out on the course for riders to grab. Thats the first time I saw that at crossvegas. Dollar bills everywhere. Of course the front runners would not take the time. But after D Summerhill was off the group with no chance he started grabbing all the dollar bills he could. When the dollars bills were gone he started taking beer ups (is he even 21?) It was crazy to see the back markers so focused on racing, then have a Garmin\Cervelo pro stopping for the money. The crowd was going wild. And rightly so.

At the end of that day we saw some crazy stuff and great racing. Only downer is that the race was won once again by a foreigner. Some u23 kid from the Netherlands riding for Rabobank.
But when a race reaches this status you gatta expect this sort of thing.
Over all the best Crossvegas ever.
My calender is already marked. Sept 19th, 2012
At the end of the day I was wasted. With the show and the race I must have walked 20 miles and was feeling all of that. I limped back to the room and it took me about 30 seconds to sleep.
Tomorrow was going to be a big day as we planned on driving to Death Valley in Cali.
More on that next.


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