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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Interbike\Crossvegas: Part Two

So once Crossvegas is over, on Wednesday nite, its time to get the hell out of vegas. I usually plan a road trip to do so. Last year was Zion National Park. This year it was Death Valley. My first time in Cali ever. Its less than 3 hours to the south end of the park. So Thursday morn it was in the rental car and we headed west. Its a good park to visit once. Many of the points of interest were 40+ miles apart so we put a ton of miles on the car. But its got a ton of cool history in all of it. It was hot.
Sand Dunes
The driving looked like this all day.
Walking the salt flats. 105 degrees.
The locals called it a "cool" 105 degrees that day. Thats below average. Its usually around 110 this time of year. Lots of sand dunes and salt flats. We stopped to eat in a town right in the middle called Furnace Creek. Lots of people there along with the parks headquarters. Not sure how people can live there. I surely could not. This took up all of Thursday. We got back around 10pm
Then all we needed to fill was Friday. And since we needed to get at 4am to catch our flight we unfortunately spent it in town. Man how I hate Vegas. Its awful. You cant walk 20 feet on the strip with some guy asking if you want to fly over the canyon or join some time share or want to spend some time with a hooker. They just dont leave you alone. We spent all day bumping into people on the sidewalk and in the stores. The only time you are at peace is when eating at a restaurant. I could not get out of this city fast enough. We flew home Saturday morn.
Im sure I want to go to Crossvegas next year but Im going to try and figure out a way to do it without too much vegas. Maybe just fly in one day and back the next, or stay the one nite in vegas and head out completely until we fly back. 
Or something. 
Ive got a year to work on it.


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