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Friday, September 30, 2011

Mean Lake.

mean lake. 845am
Todays HP visit was a loud one. You would not believe how loud the lake was. Huge waves pushing 30 feet higher on the beach. Another crappy riding day. Too windy on the road and a all nite rain washed out the woods.  Today is the kind of day to try and work ahead in the store. Set up next weeks orders today to set up riding on Monday.

This weekend is the start of Wisco's cross scene with a double header weekend on tap. I will show up at some point this weekend but want to make sure I get some riding in too.
Sunday looks like the best riding day so I will shoot for that.
At this point Im not even sure our Saturday morn group is still swinging on the road.  Many have switched to MTB's with the race coming up in a week.
So Im on the fence as to what I want to ride this weekend.
Have a good weekend.


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