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Monday, September 12, 2011


810am and I did take this pic.....
Today I did get a pic of the visiting otters. One of the best things about my HP is that theres always something new to see or do. I'll be keeping an eye on these guys, hope they stay. Saw three today. I had to stand with the camera ready for a few minutes to get a pic. They resurface then go back under quick. One came up just 20 yards from me but I missed. Otters are awesome as they always play. Their jumping on each other and racing around without a worry in the world. Im jealous.
Some times they notice me, give me a quick look, then resume goofing off.

As it turned out I decided to hit up the WORS race Sunday. I had several fun things to do but I after the last race I was really intrigued as to how I would do on a ski hill. I dislike ski hills.  In comparison to other courses, this is one of the hardest. Lots of climbing with very tight singletrack in between.
Right from the start is what seems like 5 minutes of climbing, and that puts a 250 pound guy behind the eight ball from the get-go.

As it turned out a venue like this does scare away some of the Clydes. We had nine of us. I never seen much of the others as the massive climb at the start pretty much sets the pecking order and separates us immediately. After that, I didn't see much of anyone. Seems the only one to get away on me was our local guru and race directer Jon H. I saw him only for a few minutes, then he was gone. Jon had a great race finishing over three minutes up on me. But I did have a nice race as I completed my 3 step criteria for a good race: 
1) never unclip 2) dont finish last 3) pass somebody (anybody) on the last lap.  

On the top of several climbs I was ready to puke and if I didn't back off Im sure I would have. Also, this is a hard race to do blind. I did race this once several years ago but pretty much forgot and there are many spots that could hurt you if you were not paying attention. Many times I choose to follow another bike just so I would not blow thru an unsuspecting corner. I pretty sure I could have gone faster in the singletrack but it was not worth the consequences of a mistake.
So it was a good race for me. 2nd out of 9 
I did, in fact pass the third place guy on the last lap, while climbing. And the guys who joined me on the podium looked like Clydes. And Im sure fun was had by all.
Turns out the guy I was following at the end of the last lap took 5th in my age class (not Clyde).
Its been a long time (years) that I did two WORS races back to back.
And I really miss it. Really, its where this cycling obsession of mine started about 10 years ago.


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