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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rare Saturday Post

File foto.... 
 Ive been watching a pair of river otters in my HP for the last week. Ive seen them four times now. Very cool and almost impossible to photograph. They dive under and might not surface for several minutes...40 yards away from where they were.  I hope they stay but most likely will not. These guys travel a lot.

 Im alone in the store all day today.  Its Saturday morn and it just beautiful outside. And that means traffic will be slow as everyone is outside doing stuff. I hope to get on the bike right after the store closes. 

Most of my riding group is up in Door County for the century this weekend. Thats such a nice ride and the weather is great to boot. I would have loved to be there but its just a little pricey for me to do. So tomorrow I have two choices. One is to do the MTB race in Lake Geneva, the other is take the wife up to Peninsula Park and have a day of casual riding. I guess you will find out Monday.

Get outside. I insist.


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  1. River Otters? How cool. Cant say I ever saw one in the wild. That is a HP.