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Monday, September 26, 2011

USGP Weekend

Day 2. Mud.
Driveline destroyed.
These guys had it figured out.
This past weekend I had the USGP on the back of my mind but was going to try and ride at home both days instead. But it was an option I oped for both days. Saturday had some good racing going on. Sunday was a mudfest.

The course was way fast Saturday.  Sunday was another story as the rains moved in early morn and have not stopped yet as of Monday morn. I really don't like racing in mud. And Im not a big fan of watching a mud race either. Its just not real bike racing. Yes, I understand the element and for sure some riders are better in it than others.
But really, after you see a few riders slip and fall on their ass, the other 40 times it happens is kinda boring. Even in cross racing, if you gatta run with the bike just to get around it no longer looks and feels like a bike race.  And what is going to happen to that park? It is trashed. Its going to cost a lot of money to put the grass back. Im sure these big events have a game plan for such a thing.

So it was no riding this weekend for me. Just a lot of standing and watching. Almost 500 miles of driving to and from. And eating and drinking. Very expensive weekend. 
Wished it was two days of riding instead. But I'll take it as these riders are not around too often.


Today its dark and gloomy but not gloomy enough to put a dent in my HP visit.  In fact days like today Im almost guaranteed of having some alone time there. And really, thats what this time is for anyway. Today the strong east wind is making the lake very loud. I remember leaving my bedroom window open just a bit even on the coldest nite,  just to listen while I fell asleep.

With last week being kinda crappy for me, I pretty much pushed off all my duties at the store. And today I am going to pay for that. Going to be a busy few days for me. I really hope the rain stops so I can ride a bit. I really could use a few miles soon.
And with the two days of steady rain it looks like not on the MTB.


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