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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Its a bit tough to see but those are about a million geese coming over the lake. Had to use super telephoto on camera to get this. They were far away.
While the trees still have leaves on, the geese always tell me (not literally) that fall is coming to a close soon. Days like today always bum me out.
Cold and rainy. Dark and gloomy.
While Fall will be my bestest time of year it does not come without some bummers. Soon I will have to leave the store full time and work outside of it. Being a truck driver by trade. Ive been here full time since March 1st and in two weeks I will no longer pull my salary out of the store, keeping one full time employee. Dont get me wrong, the store is fine but when it slows one need to make adjustments and quickly to avoid any problems. I knew this day was coming all summer.

Not geese.
I'll still be around tho..... just not paid. At least not in a salary..... I will still be reaping all the benies of owning a store and I hope that March 1st will come around pretty quick.
But not until we sell a ton of skiis first.

So today as I sit here in my office in the dark store my thoughts are a bit on the sad side. Being diagnosed as a "emo" I tend to have days like this but I dont talk about it as much anymore. In the past I got a bit too personal here and it got me in trouble several times.

Its hard to believe I have been doing this blog in several different forms since 2004. Back when blogs exploded on the scene and everyone had one. Now...the blogs heyday has come and gone and the only ones left are the people who can really write and the weirdos like me. 
There are a million blogs like mine. Telling everyone what they did last weekend. Thing is, it was the same thing they did for the last 100 weekends. I talk about my Happy Place a lot. Almost everyday. That because Im there almost everyday. Its a big part of who I am. 
I would compare my HP to a blog of a pro bike racer that explains in detail how their race went. But really, if you put them all together would sound the same. Just a different day.
I really dont write this blog to be read. I only have about 50 to 60 who do (who are you guys?), and out of those only about 20 are still reading this now.  Average blog visit is about a minute and a half.
I write this blog cuz I like to do it. Sometimes its just a bit of therapy to put your thought into words even tho you cant lay it all out.( I keep a private blog as a diary, you should read that thing!) 
I'll stop here cuz Im goona start doing store stuff, and I am going to see how much clothing I have with me in the store today and ride in the wet and cold. Not long. Just a little.

If your still here thanks for listening. Even tho I say I dont care I do a little.



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