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Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend of Firsts

A Motley Crew. Sunday @ 1130am
Sunday had me attending my first organized Pug ride. These guys and gals have been doing this right in my HP for some time now. I insisted they let me in the exclusive fat tire club. After much debate they decided to include me in all their Reindeer games. 

Fat tire bikes are still in the cult stage but really you all need to get one. Its once again, just another way to ride a bike. Once accepted in, I was just like one of the guys(or gals some would say) and I had a great time. 
We rode the very same beach that we ride in winter, only it wasn't winter. The bikes really do ride well on the wet sand. And pretty good on dryer sand too. 
This group does have a leader. They call him Gomez (which is short for Gary). He organises all this stuff. He's the guy on the way left. Notice Im on the way right cuz he scared me a little at first. But once you get to know him its safe.
My first pug group ride was a good one and there's more coming this winter. Participation is highly suggested. Get your self a fat tire bike. I insist.
845am. Remnants of yesterday.
Saturday had me attending my first Beechwood Blaster. A low key race put on by low key guys in a low key setting. The only thing not low key was the course. High key climbing with high key difficulty. I had a blast riding it but did not do well racing it. A DNF for me. Actually, I just stopped racing it and started riding. It was more fun for me that way.
Great time with some good people.

This morns HP visit was sunny and that always go's well with my coffee. Still could see our pug tracks in the sand from yesterday. Im planning a ride at some point today but the wind is telling me to stay in the woods. Thats not a bad idea since I have a new MTB. On my way out of the HP I spied a freighter out on the lake. Every year about this time they travel closer to shore for safety and you can see them almost everyday. During the summer they stay in the middle of the lake and you never see them.

So I had a great weekend and now its back to work.
Son on a..........

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