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Monday, October 10, 2011


Selling stuff....... workin' it.
No post since last Thursday means I was crazy busy. As I type this morn I am wasted. I cant think straight or walk straight. I cant even type straight. Not that its a bad thing. Actually good.
This was of course our race weekend in town. And its just a crazy time for me. With arranging all the store stuff to vend there, I try to help with the race as much as I can although its nothing near what I did in the past and sometimes I feel bad about not being able to help as much as I think I should. But I do my best. Thanks to my wife and kids for helping with the tents so I am was able to race.
The store did well Sunday. Tshirts, glasses, socks, hats and even 2 bikes went out the door. 
And I have mixed feelings about that.
I sold my Superfly demo.......
Not that thats a bad thing, just bad timing as the best MTB weather is upon us and I loved that bike. It was by far the best MTB I ever rode and I was hoping to hold on to it for another month but when the demo sells it sells. Sure, I will order a new one but getting a bike under the demo program take a bit more than just ordering it. It will be a month before I get a new one. Thats in November.
And strange as it sounds I do not have another MTB to ride right now. I will not grab one off the floor to ride for just a few weeks. So I hope I do not miss out on too many MTB rides.
All I have left is the cross bikes... which will be sold soon also.
So now my Madone and my Superfly is gone. Both bikes were the best I have rode in my life. As I sat in my HP this morn I was thinking on how fast this summer is winding down. The trees are at peak this week. Leaves are falling. Really, our MTB race is kinda like the official end of summer for me.
By the way, I had a good race yesterday too but I'll save that for tomorrows post.
Have a good Monday.


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