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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Not today. Last week.
Today ends the stretch of 11 days of sun we had. Its drizzling. After a spell of weather like we just had its tough to complain. But I do.....  and will.

Out with the old, in with the new.
Had my first shake down on the new Superfly. For the most part I cant say its better than last years but in time I should know more.

There are many differences tho....  from a Fox fork to a Sid. I never got along with Sids. But its been 5 years since I had one so Im open minded. 2 hours on the trail last nite and it was so far so good. The bike is lighter. In the 22 pound range which is extraordinary for a 29er. Carbon wheels will enhance that. 

One thing that all you high end riders will experience is the 15mm front skewer. Closed dropouts (actually no dropouts). This is the future so you better embrace it. Its coming across the board soon. You will need all new wheels (hubs) and adapters for your fork clamp roof rack. Its seems to work great as far as wheel on-wheel off. 
Other stuff is the carbon seat rails and XX instead of XO.
Gonna give it a go again Saturday morn. Hope the rain stops.


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