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Monday, October 3, 2011

Sun and Coffee

This mornings visit was awesome cuz of the sun. Even if its a chilly morn the sun offsets that and you can sit out in a tshirt when its in the low 40's. 
Just another reason to love the HP.
Starting ones day with sun and coffee is just about the best way I can think of.
Better than sex.
I had some good riding this weekend. Saturday had me out on another cross bike ride.
Over the river and thru the woods. Since Im not racing I'll rock my Eastons with tufo tubulars cuz I would have no other reason to ride them.
A bit over two hours solo.

After going to see The Lion King in 3D (I love that movie) Saturday nite I woke Sunday to a MTB ride at our local park. Almost 20 riders strong in the woods. Another 2 hours and then it was a quick trip to the cross race in Kewaskum. Stayed long enought to have a beer and watch two catagorys but the Packers were on a 3 so I cut out before the 1\2's pushed off.
Its that time of year for our yearly MTB race. Its coming up this Sunday so this week its not all about cross or cross bikes as my attention will turn to all MTBing.

Im not as involved with the race itself anymore. I help as much as I can but not its all store oriented stuff. Will have a couple tents out with stuff to sell. Maybe 8 to 10 bikes. While vending takes up a lot of my time I will try to race also. All depends on who I have to watch the tent at that time. If I cant its no big deal as technically Im working anyway.
Saturdays ride.
I see the weather is going to be awusome for the next week. That means game on right now. Will be planning out some MTB rides at several locations this week.
Gonna do it for real.
Hope you can take advantage. Play hooky from work, thats what I do....


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