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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sundays Race - Tuesdays Bike

Sundays race went well for me. I didn't fall, didn't take last and past a few bikes on the last lap. I know I always say this but I wish I was as much a Clyde as the winner. But 200 plus is 200 plus. And as far as my age category (40+) I am the oldest at 51. So Im happy to be on the podium being the oldest and biggest of the Clydes.  In fact Im thinking of getting a series number next year and doing a few more races. I used to do them all back in 2002 to 2004. But got burned out and cut way back. Some years doing none. Then it seems 3 or 4 a year was good for me. So who knows.... maybe I'll get the store more involved next year.
2012 Superfly Pro Im hooked up!

So as I mentioned, I sold my Superfly Sunday. As a store owner I was once told to never fall in love with the product. Well I did with that Superfly. The 29in wheel works with me. But alas, I put it for sale Sunday after my race and it was sold in two hours. Demo price.
So after the dude picked it up, carbon wheels and all on Monday, I called down to Waterloo,WI to see what my options are.
I told the guys that I sold my demo and that I had the Beachwood Blaster on my schedule this Saturday and I was bikeless!

I even tried to make it sound like I was crying a little on the phone. Well, less that 19 hours from the call this 2012 Superfly Pro shows up in the store unannounced. Thanks guys!  I hugged the UPS guy and scared him a little but I think he will be OK. People ask me why I sell Trek. Of course their a good bike but there is lots of good bikes available. Its because their service and dedication to their dealers is unmatched in the industry. Absolutely unmatched.
So Im back in biz and am walking out the door for a shake down as I type.

Its going to be a good day.


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