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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today started out as any other normal day. Rainy and cold. Small HP visit and then to the store for work. These days the store is a little boring as this is the slowest time of the year. Biking has slowed and its too early for skiing. So days are long right now here and I was gearing up for a dull day.

Then.... BAM!
My 2012 Madone 6.5 shows up over a month early. Holy crap!
All of a sudden today is a good day.
Its the exact same frame as last years. Same color combo but different design. Things not the same is the driveline. Ultegra Di is now affordable to most of us and I cant wait to ride it.
Also wheels. Signing a deal with Easton to provide quality wheels and will have a set on both this Madone and my Superfly. Carbon of course.
So I will stop with the advertising here cuz I always try to not sound that way on my blog but I cant help it when I get a pleasant surprise such as this.

Moving on would be talking about my cross race Sunday which I am up to my armpits in today. Four days and counting. I think Im a little nervous but should not be....


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