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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Very Tired

In the past I always have taken a little pride on how all my pics were taken with a cheap Walmart camera. Of late I have one up'd that and have been using my phone. Todays HP visit was again short due to my large amount of stuff to do at the store since I ditched it most of yesterday.
Pretty full lot of MTB'er for 4pm on a Wednesday

Yesterdays riding was off the hook starting with a two hour session at Evergreen from about 10 to noon. Then.....
Another quick cross ride out to the HP (again) but was mostly road.Then....
Back out to Evergreen at 4pm for another 2 plus hour ride.
Total ride time yesterday was 6 hours 49 minutes. 3 shammys and 2 bikes.
Needless to say I am moving a bit slow this morn.
The huge amount of other riders at the park kept me rolling. Since most of my riding is solo it was cool to ride with so many different people yesterday. Being the social butterfly I am I was hopping from group to group all day long. At times there must have been 50 riders in the park. And pretty much all day long. I guess I only stopped cuz it got dark and I had no lights with me.

Today I will cut back to 2 hours of ride time as I need to prepare the store for the weekend. Lots to do and plan.
Decisions like what product to take? How many bikes? Tents, tables and chairs.
More than likely several trips of stuff starting Saturday around noon. Sunday its gonna be out to the park at 6am to set up. Its always an exhausting weekend.
And I'm planning on racing too....
I think I need a few days off after this weekend.


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