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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall is in full swing and its game on as to who can get the most riding in till the leaves fall and I intend to win. Yesterday had me rockin' the Greenbush trails, then crusin' the Evergreen trails. Total 3.5 hours.
I had planned on a cross ride after but ran out of time. This time of year I travel with no less than two bikes and four full kits in the car. For real. I also have a road wheelset fore the cross bike if needed. Im prepared to do Oct right.

This is how I roll this time of year.
The Greenbush trails were not the best. Many fallen trees had me off the bike quite a bit. Along with a lot of sticks that were just asking to jump up in my spokes and driveline. And I went down pretty hard. Along with two saves. While the trail is fun to ride, its not my fav. Just way too many rocks have popped out in the trail. Its white knuckle all the way. Especially with the leaves down. You get your bar yanked out of your hand many times.....
But then......
I hit Evergreen, our local race trail, and it was in just about the best shape I have ever seen it. Smooth and very fast.
Only problem here is that Ive been around them about 1000 times in the last few years so I guess Im spoiled a bit, but its just same ol' here. But again, in great shape! Should be a very fast race Sunday.

One of the bummer's of having some extra time in Oct is the fact that nobody else does. Im pretty much alone in my adventures during the week, with the weekend usually filled with race or races.
Speaking of.... the Sheboygan WORS is this weekend (I'll mention that a lot in the next few days) and its the biggest for me in the vending dept. I will have a lot out there. Bikes, clothing etc... And its going to be about three days work for me.
I usually do not get to race but this year I will have a lot of help there so I plan on it....
Its going to be the best weekend ever!


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