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Friday, November 11, 2011

Not sure how many pics Ive taken here. Hundreds for sure. At this point its almost habit. Many times I was going to get a album together of all the various pics I took. All taken within 50 yards of each other. You would be surprised at the diversity.
It was in the upper 20's here today but the sun blasted that away quickly. Even on the coldest day I will sit here in the sun, look up and recharge. For me. its a necessity.

I gatta work the store later today, I always close Fridays so everyone else does not have to. Im a good boss in that respect. But then while they get pumped about not working late, I get pumped about not working early. Cuz that has bike ride spelled all over it.
Gonna grab Pinky and put on a few miles today. Or.... maybe grab the MTB. I have not decided but its been a month since I rode the MTB. Its been all cross or road for the last several weeks. I will decide before I finish this.
While I have been a huge advocate of cross bikes and racing, Im starting to get a little burned out. So many local races. Some weeks a double header. Throw in my day job during the week and Im pretty much done with cross dominating my weekends (and weekdays). 
Now I will just focus on my riding and having fun. Most Saturdays will have me on the group ride in the morn. Sundays will be open to ride too. With my limited time during the week I need to leave the weekends open or I will get no DANO time at all. And that would make me a dull boy in a hurry. For real.
Arriving daily
So... its going to be MTB today. I need to ride that new Superfly a couple of time yet before the snow is too deep in the woods.
Speaking of.....
I have been once again appointed the official ski trail groomer of my Happy Place this winter. I cant wait to get out and lay down some tracks. This week the store get a make over into "winter mode" with ski stuff arriving daily.
I love snow. Bring it on.
Speaking of.....
I cant believe how many people facebook on how they hate the snow. Really? You live in Wisco and hate snow? You must live a miserable life. Dress warmer and embrace it.
Use it for fun. 
Do that for real. Or move.


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