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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Im starting to get a handle on my fall\winter schedule. I can tell cuz Im on the bike more. Between Fri\Sat\Sun I achieved almost 8 hours of saddle time. Today, Im suiting up for two more in a bit. 
Totally feeling better.
Sunday had a bunch of us on the New Fane trails. Love them.
Its been almost a month since I have been on the MTB and I again wondered why while out in the woods. While my cross rides do take on in the woods its just not the same as a MTB. And as much as I love cross bikes I gatta say there is no comparison. Bottom line is I need to do that more before the snow flies.
In fact, after my 2 hour cross ride this morn, Im gearing up for the first of several Tuesday nite rides the group does. Once winter sets in we hope to get on the beach. A beach ride at nite is indescribable. You just have to do one. A lites out beach ride under a full moon is near religious.
Things to look forward to.
So today I have a shot at about 4 hours in the saddle with two bikes.
I would have to say it just might be a good day.
Bring it on.


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