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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One of the things I never mention much is the deer population in my Happy Place. Huge numbers. In fact I cant remember the last time I didnt see one there. Thats one just standing there looking at me. Camera phone pic. 
And soon the numbers will swell due to the impending hunt. The smart deer congregate in the park and laugh at the hunters who cant shoot then there. But the smart hunters lay low around the perimeter of the park and wait for them to walk in. I still hear a lot of gunshots just outside.
Yesterday I grabbed Pinky for a hour and a half ride, then was going to prep for the MTB nite ride. It just so happened the my cross bike ride turned out to be near 4 hours and I had not eaten before I left and had no food (or money) with me. 50 + miles later and with most had me working hard into a huge headwind, I returned a broken man and had to ditch the nite ride as I was wasted.
No regrets tho. It was a beautiful day besides the wind. I just could not stop riding. At least mentally, physically I needed to stop riding long before I got back. 
Good thing the wind was to my back on the way home as the lack of food had me bonking to the tune of a mild nuclear explosion. I made it back limping.
The weather is going to turn cold(er) and tonites low is predicted around 21 degrees. That means frozen beach? Im gonna check it on the morn. Warmer temps will keep us off again over the weekend but its coming. I can feel it.
Better get to the basement to find more winter clothes. (Amfib)

Rides will be full winter mode soon.

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