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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another huge gap in posts.
With me going back to my day job I just cant get a handle on my life's schedule. It needs tweeking for sure and soon. Its Wednesday morn and this is the first time Im in the store since Saturday and Im not liking that at all. I hate not being involved in the day to day here and its hard to grasp what I need to do when my time in the store is so limited. 

With the seasonal slowdown I thought working out of the store would be a breeze but issues have come up to at least make me re think that decision. No sir, I dont like it. As I sit here in the dark (exept for a small desk lite)  Its not just the time spent here to make sure thing go well, its also the better nites sleep knowing that is happening. Once again another decision to ponder......

Todays HP visit was the first in a while and it cant be crappier out. Rain and wind has the beach's water line pushed way up. And today was the first day I was there alone. Completely. No campers, visitors or rangers. I was the only one in the park and that will happen more as it gets colder. Actually, I look kinda forward to those kind of visits. I have spent many a morning there during below zero temps alone.  The HP is like a cross race. It go's down rain or shine. Warm or cold. Soon I hope to out there grooming the ski trails. Some snow is in the forecast so its just a matter of time. Think snow.

I hope to get back into a rhythm here, give me a week or two to figure it out.


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