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Friday, November 4, 2011

Slowly my life is getting back to semi normal. I ended the 12 day bike ride draught yesterday with a nice easy ride thru the HP. Again, had my coffee there also this morn. The sun was out and warming. Which was a good thing as it was 27 degrees.
Lets try and back up a little.
Sunday was my cross race and now thats its almost a week old seems weird to me to type about it now. Im glad I did it. It was hard in several ways as it was my first time at it. All in all it went well. Had a great bunch of guys and gals helping and could not have done it without. And now I know the few areas that need improvement and next year should be way easier to do. It did rain late in the day buy by then we only had the Cat 1\2 Pros to go. I was so busy I didn't get to take any pics. If someone has a few please pass them on to me... As far as bike count I was a little disappointed but probably would have been with any number. 108 bikes. I think it would have been better if my race was not the second of a double header weekend. I will look for a better date in the series next year.
Then as I mentioned before...
I had some work to do out of the store and it was a full week. I only got to stop in the store a few hours all week. All the race stuff, paperwork, etc, is still in a pile in my office yet today. I do get the entire day here to sort it all out. My desk is piled full. Not until after a bike ride tho... I do have priority's.
yesterday with pinky
I finally got out for a ride. The first in 12 days. I could definitely feel the lack of and pretty much soft peddled for two hours. But it was a good ride with an old bike. Pinky is back in biz and am looking forward to all the winter rides she will provide. I will ride some of the demo bikes once or twice yet and then put them away for the winter (and to sell). Then its all Pinky till Spring.
Will be a road ride on the Cronus. With road tires on. Im looking for at least another two hours and tomorrow I plan on doing the Saturday group ride with the guys so that will be another 3.5 hours. It all should come back to me quickly. And I hope to get back to a little normalcy in my life. Not that anything in my life is normal.


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