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Friday, November 25, 2011

Today is one of those days you hate to miss. A day after Thanksgiving and its going to be sunny and over 50 degrees. And Im on the inside, looking out.
Im just too sick to ride, feeling wrung out before I even start a ride spells disaster for me. For me, I need to bring my "A" game to these things or Im riding mostly alone. Let alone when Im sick.

Leaving the HP this morn I past the group I was planning to ride with, about 15 strong, and just felt more pissed off than anything. Of all the times to get sick why this weekend? Temp are to plummet in a few days and this could be the last of the sunny warm days. And Im on the outs.

Feeling sorry for myself is a past time of mine. I take it to new levels of which most have never seen before. And while I dont pout too much in public I do quite a bit. In my HP, for example. I pout there a lot and maybe thats why I go there so much, to get in out of my system before I start my day. But I dont do that everyday. Just more than I would want to.
So here I am once again at the store waiting to open it. Thinking I would rather be riding with the group. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe.

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