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Monday, November 21, 2011

Breakfast Ride

Had a addition to our line of bikes when we got out....
Saturday was another B ride for me. This is a pure social ride. Im a social guy. While the tempo does kick up a few times the group does wait every so often. Right now cross bikes rule as its 80% road until the beach freezes. Then Im looking for bigger tires to hold me up. And yes, the Pug is overkill. One needs to be able to peloton at 20mph now and then on these rides.... The main component of this ride is the stop to eat about halfway thru. Im an oatmeal kinda guy. We stop at the same place every week as they expect us and have the tables ready when we arrive. We are stopping at a new place thats perfectly about 3\4 thru the ride.

Stopping in the cold, eating, then putting on all the wet, cold stuff to ride the rest of the way home is kinda a bummer but its totally worth it. I bring extra head gear and put the dry stuff on to head back.
All in all a 3.5 hour ride for me from the store. Complete with intervals.
Just what I need.....

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