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Monday, November 14, 2011

Return To Breakfast Ride

835am Saturday
For years I never missed a Saturday breakfast ride. Years.

Then came my desition to go full time in the store and that went out the window. Now I once again work outside the store and once again now have the time to ride on Saturday. The group ride is now in "winter mode" and thats my fav. Its MTB's. Its go's right thru my HP. Right now its a little woods and a lot of road but that will change as the temps drop and we end up on the frozen beach of Lake Michigan. 
The first beach ride of the season is awusome. Everyones smiling and lauphing. And its only a few weeks away. The groups then swells to over 20 riders (we had 22 Saturday) and a 20mph peloton down a frozen beach just two feet away from waters edge is just about as much fun you can have on two wheels. No fat tire Pug needed. In fact, I weight 250 pounds and Im on 35c cross tires.
The sand is that hard. And fast. Hope its soon.

But Saturday was a good ride. Its always a little more than 3 hours ride time and a stop for breakfast inbetween. I know some do not like stopping like that in the middle of a hard ride but this is tradition. Ive been riding just about 10 years and this ride has been going on way longer than that. And with me on a cross bike (what else?) and most on MTB's keeps me in the game on the road. Heck, I even pull a little now and then.

The great weather had me outside all day Saturday. Hope you got some of that too.


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