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Friday, November 18, 2011

Seem like getting a Pug or equivalent is the cool thing to do now. This bikes popularity is growing 5 fold every year. I tried to order one last winter and was denied. This summer I did the smart thing and ordered one in July and got it in a week. I haven't rode it too much. Maybe four times.
All on the beach. Its fun.
You know Im all over having another way to ride a bike. This winter Im going to call out a ride on our WORS course in Jan. Also plan on hitting some snowmobile trails this winter. 
I put the bike in the window and it really draws people in.
My buddy Steve D just got a Mukluk so now there are two in town.
Need more. 
I love taking this thing down to the HP and bombing the beach. Although soon it will be froze and the 3.8 inch tire will not be needed. But its still fun.
Here is a site I visit a lot. 
I have even been seen in a few pics there....
Im famous like that.
Hoping to get in a bunch of riding this weekend.. Hope you do too!


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