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Thursday, November 24, 2011

T- Day

Run for your life....
A rare Turkey day post. I had about an hour of spare time before I leave out of town to visit family so I thought I would spend it at the store.

And at the HP too. With the weather still fairly mild and the next two days looking especially good I was prepared to lay down some saddle time this holiday.  And I did get off to a good start yesterday as I took the MTB over to the kettles of New Fane.

Only I forgot that the annual Wisco deer hunt is on and the public is allowed to hunt on State land. While the trails were not closed, its not a good idea to ride then right now. But I made the drive over and decided to go. Shots ringing out in all directions. I literally rode past hunters that were sitting on the trail (not sure if thats legal) and I sure got some dirty looks as I rode by. But its still called a recreational area so they gatta expect that. They gatta share the land. I guess. There was one round of 5 or 6 shots that was less than 100 yards from me. Thats when I pulled the plug and got the hell out of there. Not the smartest thing I have done but not the dumbest either. I did get in almost 2 hours tho... totally worth it.

However my long weekend might be in jeopardy as I woke up today with one of my famous cold\flu thingies starting up. Running a fever and feeling really bad. If history proves I will be off the bike for a few days and that just might be the entire weekend. Bummer.

So had a great turkey day and get out side and ride, or run or whatever it is you do.


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