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Thursday, December 22, 2011

815am today.
As if my cries for snow were heard, we get a couple inches overnite. I knew it was snowing before I got out of bed cuz I heard a plow drive past the house last nite.
You can imagine the look on my face as I hung out in the HP this morn. You could not smack the smile off my face with a two by four. Although the snow is not deep enuf to groom, its just enuf to give us hope that there will be skiing in the near future.
But wait.
This tree is just out the back door of the store.
Highs next week Monday\Tuesday once again are predicted to hit 40. And sunny. This snow will be short lived. All we can do is enjoy the scenery today (which I will be doing soon on the Pug), take lots of pics (doing that) and pray it happens again soon.
Gonna finish my coffee, suit up and grab the Pug.
I will document the ride with pics.


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