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Friday, December 23, 2011

Pugs love snow. Snow loves Pugs.
Another awesome HP visit this morn. 12 degrees! Needless to say I was alone. Todays thoughts are of yesterdays Pug ride and when and where and what am I going to ride today.

Yesterdays Pug ride was the third in three days. And the first in snow. Even if it was just a little. This time I threw the bike in my car and drove the 6 miles to the woods. I learned yesterday that you should not ride a fatbike on a slushy wet road. Your back get soaked from the huge rear tire. Lesson learned.
As usual I spent the first hour in the woods, and the second on the beach. While I would not use this bike on one of our group rides, its now the bike of choice going solo. Im waiting to get full winter use once the rivers and lakes freeze, when ever that will be. Today Im riding the Long Haul Trucker cuz Im running some errands. Actually, Im using it to do my Xmas shopping today.

This will be the last post till next Monday with a busy weekend planned. Saturday Im closing the store. Its a decision that I went back and forth on but it would have been open just a short time anyway. Hope to do the usual group ride Saturday morn, family over Saturday nite, kids and grandkids by me Sunday morn, more family over Sunday nite. What can I say, its the Holidays. I always said we could make a movie about my family on the Holidays. Its got all the right characters. Including me.

Have a great one this weekend.


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