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Monday, December 26, 2011

I survived the weekend. And it was a battle fought on many fronts. First, almost all the snow we received a few days ago is almost gone. Todays expected high of 45 will kill all that remains. So the HP is back to a lot of sand. All snow is melted off the beach. Back in summer mode.
Saturdays ride was not like this. Snow melting, then re freezing on the beach produced ice that had me hit the ground hard. Twice. Within 10 minutes. I hate those kind of falls. You are riding on lots of ice and you know it could happen but when it does you think "what the hell happened?". You lose your front tire so fast that you hit the ground still with your hand on the bars. The only issue I had is that nobody else fell but me. And I fell twice. But thats the way it go's in winter I guess. I do have studded tires down in the basement and thought of them often Saturday. But, overall, it was a good ride even tho my hip is still a little bit swollen this Monday morn. I'll survive.
On to Xmas day and it was a house full all day. Kids and grandkids in morn. Her side at nite.
I think I stepped outside once for about two minutes all day. For me, thats a killer. All in all its not bad. Just a bit straining for me to sit in one place for so long. I survived.

Today feels like late March outside. Sunny. Temps about to skyrocket.
I will take advantage. Really, I should send everyone home and man the store myself but when you get a day like today you take advantage. I am very good at taking advantage.
So I will ditch the store for a road ride. A 50 mile road ride. Under a bright sun, 45 degrees on Dec 26th. Maybe I should just put the ski stuff down in the basement and have a bike sale.

Time to ride.

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