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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another beautiful spring day in Wisco. Another beautiful HP visit this morn. Once again my mind swings to todays bike ride. I was planning on the Pug today but the mild weather just might have me back on the road. 
Yesterdays ride was not as long as I had planned. It was one of those goof off rides. I stopped quite a bit and hung out at places. A majority of that time in my HP. It was one of those rides that I take to think about stuff. It was a two hour ride with less than 30 miles on it.
Its been since October that I even rode a road bike. And this was really Pinky disguised as one. I was kinda turned off by the harsh ride of the aluminum frame and 120 psi skinny tires. Im used to the LTH (long haul trucker) with the 26in wheels and rubber. Way smoother ride. So the LHT will be the bike of choice today. Yesterday I spent some time at my HP's fishin' hole. They just put that in last year. And of course I hung out on the beach for some time too. 
It was near 45 degrees but windy. Im pretty sure I could have rode with knee warmers but those are already in the basement waiting for spring (the real spring).
 As I prep for today's ride Im thinking that I almost feel retired. While I am concerned about my personal finances, it kinda takes a backseat to my goofing off at times. While thats not the best thing to do it sure is fun. Money is nice but not my top priority. I also feel retired in the fact that all my rides are alone. Like Im out when everyone else is working. It feels weird at times. Sometimes all these solo ride do take a toll on me mentally. Just like that creepy friend that is way too clingy, you can also spend too much time with yourself. And on the flipside, you can spend not enough. I do my best to balance. Not always succeeding.
But I'll have about 30 miles today to try.


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