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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another Pug Ride

9am (yesterday) 27 degrees
Thx to Mike J for taking the pic.
Yesterday I took yet another beach ride on the Pug. Thats like 3 of these rides since the one on Sunday. This is getting to be a fave ride of mine. This summer it was the cross bike nooner but this winter might be the same concept but on this bike. and instead of woods its beach. From the store its about a two hour ride, maybe a bit less to reach the HP (and back) on the Pug. On this ride the beach was kinda froze but not all the way, I real problem if I had the MTB (or worse, the cross) but no worries with Pug. But the firmer sand had me rolling pretty good. Way fun.
Ran into Mike J checking out the beach on his MTB. It was a no go for him. But it was game on for me.
I explained to him that he's most likely getting one of these bikes at some point. Why wait?
As I mentioned prior, the group has now another fattie. And I just sold another today. Thats three now in town (that I know of). Game on.
This bike will not work on the Saturday morn ride even tho we ride the beach when froze. Its just too slow for all the testosterone roadies in the group. Once the beach is rock hard we peloton at about 20mph for 15 miles. Not gonna happen on a pug.
But for my most loved nooners this is the ticket.
Get one. Join me.