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Friday, December 2, 2011

B-Ride Explained

835am Remnants of my ride the other day.
Todays HP visit was a good one. 21 degrees. The beach was as hard as a rock and smooth as a hiway. I wished today was our Saturday breakfast ride as the temps might slowly rise thruout the day and nite. Tonites low only 30 and that might just be too warm for good beach.
But not today.
A little background on this ride.
This Sheboygan area group ride has been going down forever. Way before I started riding which was around 2002. I could not tell you when it started but for sure 20 years ago at least. I remember seeing the group ride by one day when I was in my HP (before it became my HP) with the kids sometime in the mid 90's. Maybe it was 1994. I watched as the group, 20 strong then already, rode past on the beach. Going really fast (or I thought so back then). I know for a fact that some of those guys (and gals) are still attending today.
Its a frozen hiway! The darker sand is rock hard.845am
The ride is purely social and is a no drop ride (dont get me started on this), however, it is a ride for the fit. I have to bring my "A" game to stay in. And I dont think thats a bad thing as I need to get pushed once in a while. But every now and then I leave my "A" game at home for whatever reason and, in time, find myself riding alone. Its kinda a bummer but I try not to let it get to me. But sometimes it does. And life go's on.
Back to the ride: it is what it says. A breakfast ride. It go's on year round. Summer mode has us meeting in a lot a bit west of town on road bikes, winter mode has us meeting in a lot just south of town along the lake on MTB's Same people. Different bikes.
We ride, stop for an hour at a restaurant and eat and be jolly, then suit up once again for the ride home. In winter, the second suit up is painfull. Your clothes are sweaty wet and your belly is full and it cold out. Its a huge motivational issue but you gatta get home so you do it. Less than 10 minutes into the ride home and you feel better.
File foto.  Last January.
Winter mode is by far my fave as its MTB (I usually ride cross tho) and if weather permits, its on the beach. This ride is famous for the beach riding. Hard frozen sand lets us peloton almost 20 mph with the feel of a road ride. On the good days, we hit the beach immediately and ride it about 15 miles before we get off and head inland to the restaurant. Its a blast to ride fast and easy just off the waterline of the lake. A ton of sunshine just adds to it. But the sun ultimately turns out to be the enemy. Hopefully the beach is ridable on the way home too but thats not a sure thing as the sun and temps play a huge role. Only on the coldest days can we ride it home closer to noon. There is a lot of variables that go into a good beach ride. And its not always available to ride. Even in the coldest day in January. Sometimes too much snow kicks us off. Or in the coldest of cold the ice formations move inland and make it unridable. 
The absolute best beach riding is early, like right now. In November\early Dec.  Cold temps and no snow. So its game on right now. This morning the beach was hard enuf to ride a cross bike on. No Pugsley needed. Ride totals are about 3.5 hours of ride time and about 35 to 40 miles.
So this is where I will be Saturday morns for awhile. And a few weekday mornings too. Also we have a nite ride Tues nites. Also on the beach if available. Riding the beach at nite lights out during a full moon is something that cant be described. Near religious.

You should join us. Do it for real.


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