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Saturday, December 3, 2011


If Im typing today it cuz its rainy and no ride. Always a bummer to lose 50% of your weekend. And since I have no real life I head to the store to work. 
Steady rain all day so far. I had planned on doing some MTBing tomorrow but thats in jeopardy also.
Theres a fat tire beach race also in the morn. Thats most likely the best chance I have to ride a bike this weekend but its not that important that I have to ride in 35 degree rain.
I'll ride in cold. I'll ride in rain. But I wont ride in cold rain.
The pic above is from the same spot I took it from yesterday. You can only vaguely make out my pug track. With the B ride getting rained out it just reminds me how much this should have been snow. It would have been a good start to some skiing base in the woods. But... we must again wait in limbo. Limbo being no skiing and crappy bike riding.
Its the worst time of year.
I put so much time aside for the fun stuff that when it doesn't happen Im kinda lost and forced to work. Guess I'll just get back to it.
Im bored.


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