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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Good Day.

810am Frozen beach.
LHT on the beach
Today was one of those rides . I just put the finishing touches on my winter bike and needed to ride it.. Im going to use the LHT (Long Haul Trucker). This bike hits all the criteria for a winter bike. Its technically a tour bike but it uses 26" MTB wheels so you can go fatter than a cross bike. I have 2.0's on it now and that makes it a better beach bike for our group rides this winter. And its got a old, used driveline that still works well. You dont want anything nice on it due to the sand, salt and snow its going to be exposed to. So the beach was froze and today was a good day to test ride.

Those who know me best know Im a little "emo" (If you dont know what that is ask a teenager). Things like lack of sunlight effect me more than others. I just get bummed out quicker this time of year. I felt like that waking up today.
Along lake shore in town
 That is, until I rode my bike.
22 degrees had me suiting up for quite some time. This was my first ride in full "winter " mode. The coldest ride to date for me. I was kinda pumped to go as I knew the beach was frozen from my HP visit this morn. Once I was layered up I grabbed the LHT and had pretty much the best ride in a long time.
I kept thinking of that "Ride Everything" video that was going around facebook and I had a version of that today. 40 minutes of road\40 minutes of woods\40 minutes of beach.
I rode pretty much everywhere.
Had the iPod blasting. Started off with old school Greenday and ending up with Mumford and Sons. Im a pretty diverse person. When alone on the beach I'll sing along a bit. I bet that looks\sounds a bit weird. I look around a lot when I do that so I don't surprised anyone on how much of a dork I really am.
In the woods.
 The woods was awesome. I was loving the wider tires on the LHT. Gives it a slightly better ride in the woods than the 700 by 35's.
But still had me rolling well on the road with 60 pounds of air.

My triple 40 ride ended me with 2 hours of the absolute best therapy I could ask for and what happens the rest of today really does not matter.
During a ride like today I think about how thankful I am for what I have and that Im even able to do this. My mind wanders a ton (except when Im on the road, then I pay attention) when on the beach or woods. I think about family and friends. I think about the store. Its truly an extension of my Happy Place ( which I was in anyway).
On the beach again.

So today is a good day. One of those days where your happy to be alive.
And if that's not enuf there's a nite ride tonite on this very beach.
Gonna ride the Superfly.
Today is a good day.
Did I say that already?


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