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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Im not a big fan of new years. To me, really, its another day. A few years back when I was a spin instructor I used to get a kick out of the people who flocked to the gym's and fitness clubs in early January. Only to bail by the end of Feb.
Why do they think this only during this time? And then ditch it only to do it over a year later. Resolutions do not need a date to work. You can adopt a new resolution any time of year.

For me, my new years dont begin and end with the calender, but more with the seasons. My new season begins in spring. And ends sometime during winter.

But I too have changes coming. This year I was leaning on the cross scene and it was fun. Having some bike for demos and putting on the race was a blast. But next year (that starts sometime around April) Im going back off that a little (not entirely) and get deeper into touring. 

As in most of my endeavors, I start big and get disappointed from there. This year I am bringing in CoMotion. Ive been a dealer for a while but will get some of those bikes on the floor this year. Touring bikes. Touring tandems. Goona offer some touring workshops and maybe even some short tours of the area with overnite camping. Self sustaining touring. Big plans.

I have some experience in this with my tour of Wisco in 2008. This summer I took a 4 day mini tour (pic above). I think it way fun and this aspect of biking will be my focus of 2012.

So there is my big idea for the next year. Starting sometime this spring.
Bring it on.
So tonite I will not go out. In fact, I do look forward to this nite as I get to have the grandkids overnite and thats about the best way to spend new years eve ever!



  1. Sounds like great fun.

    Happy New Year and Thanks for all the great posts!!