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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Its raining. On December 28th. Not snowing. Not sleeting or even a freezing rain. Just a straight up rain. How depressing is this.

What little snow we have will be gone by days end. Too wet to ride road. Beach too soft to ride. Not even sure what the woods looks like. Will try to ride when it stops raining.

Yesterday I put in a good road ride with James J. We both picked the same time to leave town and met going south. Which was pretty easy as the winds were huge and was going to be in our face on the way home. I was glad to have the wheel on the way back. He pulled way more than I. It was good to work a bit harder than I expected to.
 Todays bike of choice, if I do get a ride in, will be Pug. The Pug is now going thru some kind of transformation. Every day I walk in the store there seems to be another carbon part on it. So far just bars and seatpost. Not sure how this is happening and even if I could stop it Im not sure I want to.
If it gets out of hand I'll do something but for now lets just see how far it go's.

How long till a carbon frame fatbike?


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