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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lets Talk About....

Yesterday. 115pm The pic from the HP this morn is just too depressing.
This is one of those mornings that you cant crawl out of bed. Dark. Gloomy. Rainy. Yup, Dec 21st and its 35 degrees and raining at 9am. The few days here between posts had me out of town for my day job (truck driver) and now Im off of that until after Xmas. Let talk about....

1) SNOW: Or the lack of it. Looks like a green Holiday season. That bums me out. And Im not even taking in consideration the impact to the store. No... just imact on me. Im a big fan of winter. Have been my whole life. As a teenager it was snowmobiles. Then as a father it was sledding with the kids. Today its of course skiing but also bike riding in the stuff. Those who know me well know about my albums of snow pics. Hundreds of them. The sun and white background just makes me feel better. Not dark and drizzly like today. Its a bummer. Green grass on Xmas is just wrong in Wisconsin.

Miss this.  HP file foto
2) HOLIDAYS: I used to love the Holidays back as a kid and once again, a father. Today, I recognize it at best. I still enjoy getting together with family and friends during this time. But I really dont pay much attention to it until the day of. Not a big fan of jumping on the bandwagon just after Thanksgiving. Even still, with xmas just three day away this crappy weather has me still not feeling it. Its will come. Most likely Saturday at some point.

3) HEALTH: This is the time of year that we all put on some weight and I could be the poster boy for that. As much as I have been struggling with my weight (my whole life) there is going to come a time that I just give up. Not sure when, where or how but as I get older I care less and less about it. I have a lot to gain by losing. Health issues I now have will go away or at least get minimized. My riding would improve to the point of not getting dropped so much and that would of course carry over to my racing. I have so much to gain and nothing to lose that you would think its a no brainer and for the most part it is. Its the execution that I fall short with. Next month Im starting a new plan and getting help. Its like nothing I have ever done before. Its expensive and deals more with my head than food. Im going to give it my best shot cuz this might just be the last time I try.....

Today I will try to get out on the bike but only if it stops raining.
And the sun comes out.
Is that too much to ask?


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  1. I have been feeling the pain of the crapy weather as well. Sure did pick up the spirits this morning to see the snow outside. Felt good to get out and shovel. Now I say keep it coming, the skis are ready!