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Thursday, December 8, 2011

More Beach

1035am On the bike. In the HP. Best of both worlds.
By now you might just get tired of me ranting about the beach riding. But right now its the best its ever been in many years. Really. Like 5 or 6 years. Last year at this time we were kicked off it already due to snow and ice. Big winter winds off the lake can have the riding portion of the beach a virtual ice rink. Or big snow can just be too deep to plow thru. Or whatever.
For riding purposes the beach is fickle. The coldest days can have it soft. Or ice formations can blow in and cover the beach and make the riding look like the moon.
But none of that now.
No snow, cold temps, westerly winds have the beach super prime. Rode 22 miles on it this morn. Smooth as glass and hard as a rock. Temps 24 at start and 29 when done. Almost perfect for December. Absolutely perfect for beach riding.
So really, its go time in that respect. The window for this kind of riding is small and can close at any time. If theres anything I do best its take advantage of riding conditions.
Saturdays breakfast ride will be a cold one. Right now looking at 15 degrees at ride time (830am). 
I say bring it on.

Bring me winter in Wisconsin.


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