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Friday, December 16, 2011

Pug and I.

130pm yesterday. Geese ahead.
Sometimes I think the Pug was built for me exclusively, or at least with me in mind. It has just opened new doors for me. This bike is enabling me to ride down to and in my happy place any time of the year. Its letting ride down the beach on days its when the sand is not even close to being froze. Its like Im cranking out a winter ride anytime. For several years now my favorite ride has been a cross bike down to the park I hang out in (all day) but besides the mix of road and woods you throw in some beach. The Pug makes a great ride even greater. Im hooked.

Rolling in the woods 115pm
Yesterdays ride was about two hours. Theres about 5 miles of road to get to the beach depending on where I want to jump on. In between where I jump on and the park is several miles of woods. Same woods I ride during my cross bike nooners. Same woods we ride in during the Saturday breakfast ride.
Riding down the road is where I get the most stares and questions. People pulling along side and asking what the hell Im riding.  Its about a 25 minute road ride and Im usually talking to people pretty much all the way there.
Then, I'll jump in the woods. Those big tires really smooth out the trails. You roll over stuff you just dont feel at the handlebar.
Then of course, I hit the beach. Thats when the magic happens.
All you hear is waves crashing and yet you consider it quiet. Its such a soothing noise that you dont consider it a noise at all. On wet sand I can ride comfortably at around 10mph. Im alone with my thoughts, happy to be peddling a bike, iPod in my ear(soft), in my HP. It just does not get better for me. I think about stuff. Work stuff. Home stuff. Family stuff. Its times like this I make all my best decisions. I look for the eagles. And pet all the dogs I ride up to that are out with their owners.
Plenty of sand in the HP. 150pm

After about two hours my life's batteries are recharged and I head back to the store. Im always feeling way better than when I left. I like it. I like it a lot.
Im pretty much telling everyone in our group that sooner or later, you will get one. I ride many kinds of bikes. Road, cross, MTB, track and touring. And now Pug(fat tire). Im not going to say which is my favorite, I like them all. But the Pug will see a lot more action than a few of those others. At least during this time of year.
And everyday I hear of another fat tire event. A race, a ride, national fat tire championship?
Even a ski resort offering fat tire rentals.
I can see Rec. areas grooming trails just for fat bikes.
I say bring it on.


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