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Thursday, December 15, 2011

So Far...So Good....Today.

845am Flying away after I bothered him too much.
Always a great way to start my day. Eagle in my HP this morn. In the same tree that I have taken many pictures of them. This pic is from my phone as I left the good camera at home today.
So far this day is looking positive. And I need a positive day.
Of late thing have been on the downside for me and when that happens I just seem to hunker down at wait till it passes. And that where I have been the last few days. Waiting. Laying low.
I have not even been in the store since Monday. Just got here now.
Same tree. 2008
I try not to put a lot of personal stuff on this blog. And I try not to put a lot of store stuff here either. And that really restricts my writing and makes most posts hard to come by. Most likely about my last bike ride, or my next one. I'll get a little personal today.

My last two bike rides were awful. One solo and one not. Its no new story that Im a big guy living in a small guys world. And as hard as I try to fit in with that respect sometimes Im brutally reminded of my body size. It just gets old having to have everyone wait for me on rides. A couple times is OK but when its the entire day one's self worth can take quite a hit. And its also no new news that I sometimes deal with depression. Its comes and go's. 
But sometimes I get hit with a double dose and if I happen to be struggling on the bike at the same  time can be incredibly painful. Ive always dealt with it unmedicated. Back in the day, growing up it was always thought if you took meds for depression you were "nuts" and the medication back in those days was very crude. Ive always dealt with it on my own and now even today when so much advance has been made in that respect I still deal with in my own head. I guess its just the way Im used to doing it. As I get older, its getting harder to do. But, Im still somewhat successful at it still so I let it ride. Moving on.......
 Today is a better day. Sometimes something as small as a perched eagle can bust my out of jail (as I call it) and Im good to go. And that just happened. Done and done.

At the store front, the lack of snow is a concern. Last year at this time we were skiing full on. Last week Saturday it was 9 degrees at ride time. Today is now the 4th day in a row over 40 degrees and that not good. While it may make the riding a bit more pleasurable its not what supposed to happen in Wisconsin in December.
On the bike front Im planning a pug ride in a few hours. Pug is once again needed for the beach as nothing is froze anymore. Im going back out to my HP to look for that eagle again.
That sounds like fun to me.


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