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Monday, December 5, 2011


Rentals waiting for snow. Mixed feelings about that.
Now that we just experienced a weekend of 40 degrees and rain Im thinking bout what I said last post. How this is a very crappy time right now. And the crappy weather this weekend amplifies it 10 fold.
This two days of rain should have been snow. Its supposed to be colder than the 43 degrees it was yesterday. Too warm for snow, too warm to freeze the beach. too cold to ride road, too wet to ride woods. So.................
Do I wish the warm weather to continue, giving us a push to keep riding more comfortably, or do I ask the weather Gods to get with the program and send snow, possibly kicking us out of the woods with the bikes, and maybe even the beach.
I would not mind riding the Superfly one or two more times on the trails.
But I do love skiing and cant wait to groom the HP for the first time.
Then again, a nice road ride on the crossbike while the roads are still clear would be good.
But it would be best for the store to get the skiing going........
On the other hand it would be nice to not have to wear $900 of clothes to ride in the cold yet.
And at the same time, am getting pumped to hit all the ski areas again.
But the warmer temps keep the group rides well attended.
Go ahead and get cold and snow... I have a Pug to ride!

So in the end Im torn between full on winter holding off for just a little bit more or hitting ASAP so we can get on with winter.

Final decision.......  long pause.....

I call full on winter hitting ASAP!
Bring it on.


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