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Friday, December 30, 2011

Why I do this.

File foto. HP in July.
What does one write about when they have nothing to write about? Why do I keep this blog anyway? Facebook is so much faster and easier. I get way more responses on Facebook. I get my pics and anecdotes to hundreds instead of around 50 to 60. I do have a few loyal readers (not sure why) and I think thats cool. But really how many Pug rides do you want to hear about. They all are the same. Same bike, same route, same time of day.
So why? I have reasons. 
First, something almost nobody knows is that I enjoy writing. Im not good at it. But I enjoy it. I actually have a few very short storys. Not real good but fun to write. I did most of them in 2008 when I lived alone for awhile. So everyday when I write about the same bike ride I took the day before I try to change it up and make it sound like it was not.
Pug ride yesterday. So what else is new? 1130am
Then mostly, my pics. I enjoy taking pics and unlike my writing, am pretty good at it. My Father was a wildlife photographer later in his life and traveled to far away places to do it. I still have all his work. Back in the day the format was called "slides". Its a small negative that could be used to reproduce or put in a viewer and shown on a big screen. I feel old having to explain them. I have hundreds of his slides. So I guess thats where I got it from. 
Today, in the age of digital, everyone can photoshop a great pic. The art of taking a pic at perfect light is gone. I know for a fact that if this was still the age of film only that I would be making a living with my photography. Damn technology!
I still have all the shutter cameras and lenses he (and I) used back in the day.
Today, all of my pics are taken with my camera (Samsung Mesmerize) or a cheap Walmart Sony. I always wanted to get a better digital but really, whats the sense? Those machines make crappy photographers good ones. I'll stick to the crappy cameras and use my skill to get my pics.
So really, I do this blog thing for me. And if you want to read it, thats cool. If not, thats cool too. If nothing else, look at the pictures.
Its Friday and Im in the store all day.
Hopefully someone will stop in for a visit.
And then maybe I'll write about it.


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