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Thursday, January 19, 2012

815am  Neg 2 for temp.
Today was a good visit to the HP. Its been a few days and it was really cold so I had the place all to myself. Both yesterday and today have been below zero in the morn. That just makes the morning coffee seem all the hotter. And yes, I do walk on the beach wearing shorts in any temp. Wearing shorts every day year round for 10 years ongoing has my legs oblivious to the temp. I dont even feel it anymore. No eagle today.  But there was something this morn.....
Camera pic does not do it justice.
 I wish I had my real camera cuz that is a ice crystal rainbow. There was another side to it on the other side of the sun.  That is not the sun there, the sun is far to the right of the pic. The phone camera does not do it justice. Its was awesome! This was the first time I have ever seen this. Its got something to do with the cold dry air over the lake pulling up moisture. Behind it is blue sky. In fact there was not a cloud in the sky besides those clouds that form on the lake when its cold. You can see the steam rising off the lake. Again, it was a full rainbow with two sides. So you can imagine this guy on the beach, in shorts, running around taking pics with my camera. Almost in a panic. That was me.

The crappy pic to the left kinda shows the rainbow on left, sun on right.

Again, I wish I had my real camera. Could have maybe got both sides in one pic.
Anyway,this is just another reason to fall in love with my happy place. I feel very fortunate to live next to this lake. Its like a friend thats always happy so see me. And I have been visiting its beach's ongoing for about 40 years now ( Im 51). In my early teens I used to walk the mile to the shore with a buddy and camp for the nite. My parents would always leave the door unlocked just in case. My dad had some real cool lightweight camping stuff (light for 1973). That was my first real memory of the lake and me.
Wish I could turn the clock back to that time in my life for many reasons.

Living next to one of the Great Lakes never gets old.
But I think I would trade it for some mountains.......

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