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Monday, January 16, 2012

A strange weekend of sorts. With Fridays snow and grooming the trails were minimal at best but that didn't stop a run of rentals skis at the store. Bout time. Just shows that people were ichin' to get out on it. I still need to.....
Saturdays ride was non existent. Just me and Gene H. We did manage a few miles of icy beach.
I decided to ride Pinky at the last minute since she had the studded tires. But I did not take the time to set the bike up properly for me and I paid for it. Strange seat and bar placement made for a very uncomfortable ride for me. Strange how you ride one bike so much that when you grab another thats not the same how bad you feel on it. And I felt bad. I should have put more thought into the bike switch.

After the ride it was back to the store to help out. Was good to see more people walk in Saturday than all of last week. Im glad the snow is here and this week is maybe a little more... Bring it.
Sunday was the football game. I wont talk a lot about it cuz Im not that upset over it. How could one not see this coming. Even if they did win the Packers would not have gotten much farther with the worst defense in the league. Nuff said.

A spot of snow has been called out for this Tuesday. Hope to be back on the groomer and will try to get the trails in just a little better shape.


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