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Friday, January 27, 2012

As this winter transpires I am preparing my mindset to ditch it. At some point, in the near future, I will wish winter (whats left of it) away. This morning the temps are already 30 at HP visit time. And you know, Im getting used to it. The beach was very comfortable for walking. The blazing sun made it feel way warmer. It felt good on my face.
No eagle but a good way to start the day.
Yesterday I received a bunch of spring\summer clothing. Remember in retail you always work way ahead of the seasons. All the new jerseys and shorts.

Then throw in my summers Madone is ready to roll. 6.5 Project One with Ultegra Di. I will have both a new set of Easton EC90aeros AND a set of Bontys new D3's. I plan on switching off so look for a comparison on them from me.
And of course I have my summers Superfly 100 elite since last fall. I already rode it a few times. So Im set for demo bikes. Cant wait to ride them. Especially that Madone.

So here it is, late Feb. Warm temps. No snow. No snow in the 10day. Above average temps all 10 days. Do I ditch and go into summer mode? Do I hold out for enough winter to groom the trails yet?
If you add up the warm temps, store getting in summer mode, summer bikes ready to roll it adds up to ditching and calling this winter a bust. Im not sure Im quite there yet but it would not take a lot to push me over the edge.
Tomorrow is the Saturday group ride and Im in. Long Haul Trucker is bike of choice. At some point Im going to hang all the rackage back on the LHT and put it back into tour mode.
Im headed for some time on the spin bike this morn. 
Have a great weekend.



  1. The sooner you give up on Winter, the sooner we'll get dumped with snow!